SHRM Ballots Are Out – Vote informed!

It’s time to vote. Not just in November, but right now as a SHRM member.

Unlike previous years, when the association’s annual board of directors vote went on quietly, there is some serious campaigning this round. You may have already seen communications from SHRM Members for Transparency, an unofficial group of previous SHRM national leaders, about their concerns with the current practices of the board and their own write in campaign. While I take issue with their tone of some of their communications, they are raising serious and important questions about the practices and future of the organization.

SHRM Members for Transparency’s position

SHRM has issued official communication responding to this group.

SHRM’s position

As members of the leading global organization representing and advancing our profession, each of us has a responsibility to the association and our profession to take an informed stand on these issues and to actively participate in the SHRM election, regardless of which view on these issues we share.

I encourage you to vote today. Ballots are in the mail, if you have not received your paper ballot yet contact 1-866-720-4357 or You can also vote online at:

The deadline to return your ballot is September 9th. Do your homework and get out the vote!

Earl Meininger, PHR

President – Southwest Washington SHRM


About swshrm

President of the Southwest Washington SHRM chapter.
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