Everything Old Becomes New Again…

One of the many details in moving to a new website was pulling all of our old files from the old website. As a history geek, I had to at skim some of the old newsletters as I saved them into a file folder. To my surprise, I found our chapter’s original logo – first issued in the December 2001 newsletter (a special shout out to Gary Sanford for great winning logo contest design)! Here is some of text describing the logo:

“Our new logo clearly and simply portrays who we are. We chose green because Washington is the Evergreen State. The gold star covers the area from which our membership comes. And, it is a clear demonstration of our link to the rest the SHRM Chapters in the State of Washington.”

This is so close to the information that we gave Muller Design (10 years later!) to develop our new logo it is uncanny. Great ideas tend to circle back, like boomerangs or mustaches.

Speaking of mustaches, is anyone else a little creeped out by all of the mustaches this Movember? I am all for creative ways to get the word out about prostate cancer, but I feel like I am either being constantly surveilled by security guards or I just stepped into one of my favorite Beastie Boys videos. Remind the men in your life to get a check up over egg nog this holiday season; then let them know that they have egg nog in their mustache.

I think one random tangent is enough for this month. Happy Holidays!


About swshrm

President of the Southwest Washington SHRM chapter.
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