Southwest Washington SHRM Blog

In this day and age, a monthly newsletter simply does not cut it.

For better or worse, we are growing  accustomed to on-demand content and 24/7 news coverage, mobile devices and social media. At times, the flow of information can feel like an avalanche, when all you really want is a snow cone.

Moving forward, we plan to stop publishing the monthly PDF newsletter. Instead, we will be sending out a monthly email that highlights content from our website or this blog, using hyperlinks to allow you to dig deeper on the content that interests you. Of course, we will be adding Southwest Washington specific posts and content to enhance your professional development throughout the month, and we encourage you to follow along.

This blog has been created to give our chapter a method to share content in a way that our website and social media sites are not designed to capture. It will be an adventure, and one that we welcome you to join us in. We encourage your suggestions on content, and welcome you to submit content content ideas or even a “guest post.” Happy blogging!

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